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Quicksilver Deep
by Buddy Cox

In this exciting adventure into the depths of the sea, follow Wes and Stretch as they hunt for treasures and explore the wonders and dangers of the deep blue sea. This adventure book will keep you on the edge of your seat as the tale weaves down a road of excitement and surprise.

Hoot Owl Shares the Dawn
Hoot Owl
Shares the Dawn

by Jennifer Pratt French

In this emotional outdoor adventure book we meet Johnny B. Falcon, who takes life into his own hands and runs away from his home on Moapa Indian Reservation. All is not well for Johnny, who soon finds himself in trouble with the law and living at a reform school. This wise and wholesome adventure is great for the whole family.

The Circus
The Circus
by Lindsey Michael Miller
Illustrated by Phil Griswold

The year before the circus was great, and the children of this vibrant tale each have their favorite event. Come join this family of five in this tale about family, love, and problem solving. This children ¬ ís adventure picture book is a great add for any book collection.

Incident at Cat Island
Incident at Cat Island
by Tom Hudgin

Tom and Chris, vacationing in the Bahamas, have just avoided disaster in their private plane when they stumble upon a quite shocking discovery that sends them running for their very lives, calling forth all their skills and cunning just to survive. This high-paced, skillfully-woven intrigue on land, sea and air will captivate adult and young adult readers.

The Promise
The Promise
by Charles Entwistle

This coming of age adventure brings you into the lives of the Gaston family at the end of the Civil War. Billy Gaston made a promise to his father before he left their Virginia farm to fight in the war, and as trouble finds its way onto the farm Billy is faced with what could be a life or death dilemma. He must keep his promise to protect the family! This adult adventure book is a great choice for any reader.

The Battle for New Orleans
And How the British Nearly Stole the Louisiana Territory

by Charles Patton

The true tale of how Andrew Jackson and his army defeated General Pakenham ¬ ís British forces. This is a great adult adventure book for those who love history or just want a true tale of strategy, defeat, joy and victory.

Prince Albert in a Can
Prince Albert in a Can
by Brian H. Daffern

Hickory Tales presents to you the first installment in a great series of fantasy fiction adventure books! This captivating tale of Albert Prince and his adventures to save his kingdom of a distant realm from his cruel father is a children ¬ ís adventure book like no other. Mysterious happenings, the ability to become a lion, and magical creatures craft a tale so delightful you won ¬ ít be able to put it down.

Prince Albert Book 2: The Beast School
Prince Albert
Book Two:

The Beast School
by Brian H. Daffern

In the second installment in this riveting series brings us to Braunite Beast School where Albert Prince is struggling to control his lion-like instincts. Albert sets out to solve the mystery of the missing children from his school, embarking on yet another exhilarating adventure of magic and mysticism. This fantasy fiction adventure book will keeping you wanting more!

Prince Albert Book 3: The Realm Pirates
Prince Albert
Book Three:

The Realm Pirates
by Brian H. Daffern

Yet another entrancing journey into Prince Albert ¬ ís world of magic and enchantment! This time, Prince Albert ¬ ís mother, the good Queen Nara, is kidnapped by the peculiar Pirates of the shadowy realm. With the help of his friend, the Beast Master, Albert tries to save his mother but his brother, Karter, has joined the pirates and is no help to Albert. Join Albert and all the mysticism for another journey through magical lands and chilling places!

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